Okayama of Japan


“Experience” and “Learn”

You will enjoy your trip more and it will become more memorable if you visit not only the sightseeing spots but also places for hands-on experiences. Plant tours, Bizen Pottery making, fruit picking, and more… try a new “hands-on” way to enjoy trips in Okayama.

And rich culture, warm people.

Hand-on Industrial Experience

Make your very own treasured memories and deepen your emotional attachments.
Bizen Pottery is a specialty of Okayama that its people are proud of, and that are famous throughout Japan.It will be a memorable experience for you to create your own original pottery, one of a kind, in the land of Bizen Pottery.
Learn about the active industries in Okayama and experience them.
You can obtain tours of various different industries, from food processing, such as wine and beer brewers, to heavy industries, such automobile and steel manufactures, at which plant tours are not normally accepted.
Harvesting Hand-on

“Energy source” created by a mild and blessed climate.
The gifts given that we have in Okayama, bestowed upon us by the climate and nature of this “Sunny Land”, cover a wide range of products, including delicious foods. Sweet and delicious fruits, as well as the vibrant wildlife provide the “energy source” of Okayama.
A wide range of riches in Okayama will satisfy all of your five senses.
Together with your family and friends, the experience of harvesting these rich products with your own hands will be an unforgettable memory.



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