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In the mood for dreaming -The art of Takehisa Yumeji

Takehisa Yumeji (September 16, 1884 — September 1, 1934, Oku (now Setouchi), Okayama, Japan) was a Japanese poet and painter. Takehisa died in 1934 at the age of 49. He never studied drawing in any painting school nor under any teacher formally. His drawings, mostly of Japanese beauties, were regarded as unorthodox and were disregarded in the painting circles of his day. Takehisa’s works did acquire great popularity among ordinary people and to this day have many ardent fans in Japan and abroad. At an earlier stage in his life he intended to become a poet, but knowing he could not make a living as a poet, he began drawing pictures.

Spring event at the birthplace of Yumeji, “Boy’s Festival”

“Boy’s Festival” is held following the “Girl’s Festival” at the birthplace of Yumeji in Yumeji Art Museum. Carp streamers are lifted and a paper tiger is exhibited.

time and date: from April 12(Sun.) to May 10(Sun.), 2015
place: Yumeji Art Museum Bunkan


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