Kennedy family of dolls:Hina Dolls Return to Japan

“U.S. Embassy – Tokyo, Japan “Got  it.

In 1962, former President John F. Kennedy received a gift of Japanese “Hina” dolls from Ms. Tsuyako Matsumoto of Kitami, Hokkaido. Even though the Kennedy family did not know Ms. Matsumoto personally, the dolls left a strong impression on Ambassador Caroline Kennedy as a young girl. When the Ambassador made an official visit to Hokkaido on February 2, she mentioned that she was searching for Ms. Matsumoto in order to thank her for the dolls. Ms. Matsumoto was identified on February 6.

This video shows the Hina dolls being set up for display at the Ambassador’s Residence in Tokyo and Ambassador Kennedy speaking about her childhood memories of the Japanese dolls.

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