From Japan : Okayama Sightseeing Special Envoy.

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Inujima island (Okayama city)Okayama prefecture

Inujima island is the only manned island in Okayama city, located 3 kilometer off Hoden, in Seto Inland Sea. During feudal age, it produced granite blocks for castle construction. The granite from Inujima island was used for Osaka castle and Okayama castle.
An art project.”Inujima Time” is held from April 25 to May 25.

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Hiruzen Okowa(steamed rice)

It is flavored sweet glutions rice, steamed together with wild vegetables,shiitake mashuroom, butterbur, burdock root, carrot, chicken meat, and sweet chestnuts. This is a local dish of Hiruzen.,

Okayama prefectureさんの写真


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