From Japan : Okayama Sightseeing Special Envoy

Thank you for visiting my blog .Okayama prefecture

Manaichi (fish market) (Bizen city)

Fish are unloaded one after another and energetic fishermen shout. You can get a fresh fish here. Fishermen’s cooking, such as boiled conger eels and seafood stew are very popular.

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Rose Festival in spring

400 kinds, 1 million roses are best time to see! Please enjoy the lovely roses in the sweet scent.

time and date: June 21(Sun.), 2015
place: RSK Rose Garden
address: 1592-1, Natsukawa, Kita-ku, Okayama city, Okayama prefecture

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Katsuyama town, cityscape preservation district (Maniwa city)

The traditional houses of samurai and merchants distinguished by the white walls and namako walls convey the memory of old times when the town was developed under the castle. The houses welcome visitors with noren ( traditional Japanese fabric dividers in their doorways) in the Special Preservation Districts. There are more than 100 houses with noren.

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