From Japan : Okayama Sightseeing Special Envoy

Thank you for visiting the blog.Okayama prefecture

Hiruzen buckwheat noodles

Since the difference in temprature of day and night is large in the northern heights in Okayama Prefecture. It is good for making buckwheat noodles. The buckwheat noodles are ground, cut and boiled in Hiruzen. You should try!

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Waterlilies from Monet in Ohara Museum of Art (Kurashiki city)

There are precious waterlilies in Ohara Museum of Art. Some roots were separated from waterlilies in the pond in Monet’s garden. Claude Monet was one of the prominent impression artists. Kojima Torajiro directly negotiated with Monet to buy his paintings.
You can admire pink and yellow waterlilies after seeing the art works from June to October.

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真


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