From Japan : Okayama Sightseeing Special Envoy

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Ebioko (Bizen city)Okayama prefecture

Speaking Okonimiyaki in Hinase in Bizen city, Kakioko is popular in winter and Ebi(shrimp)oko is popular in summer. You can enjoy the texture of shrimps and rich flavor! Many people come to enjoy Ebioko from all over the country.

Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Open Air Hot Spring Day in Yubara Onsen(Mianiwa city)

Open Air Hot Spring Day celebrates blessing of hot spring in Yubara Onsen which is one of the three great hot springs in Mimasaka. This is the biggest event at Yubara Onsen, held June 26th every year. You can enjoy indoor baths using water from the hot spring in hotels for free. Many people come to Yubara Onsen on the day.

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真


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