Japanese New Year! !

Wish you all a healthy and happy 2016 !!!

Kakitama Don(a bowl of rice topped with oyster and egg)(Bizen city)

Hinase town in Bizen city is a place where culture of oyster is prosperous. Kakitama don is popular local delicacy in Hinase town. Fresh oysters and yellow leeks with egg cooked with special sauce are served top of rice.

Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Shinjo Himekko Zouni (Shinjo village)

Shino village is well-known for a production of mochi rice, “Himenomochi”. Local people eat zouni with mochi(rice cake) made of “Himenomochi”. The zouni is called “Himekko zouni”. Mochi made of “Himenomochi” has tough and elastic chewing texture and sweet taste. Soft and delicious mochi goes well with the ingredients, such as seaweed and clams.

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Events in January

“The release of Japanese cranes in Okayama Korakuen Garden”, “First sunrise festival of Mt.Yataka”, “Early spring festival to pray for the better fortune”, “Photo exhibition of Saidaiji Eyo”, and “Grand Festival of Takura-ushigami-sha Shrine” .

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真



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