Japan; Message from Okayama.

Wish you all a healthy and happy 2016 !!!Okayama prefecture

Yugasan Rendaiji Temple (Kurashiki city)

Yugasan Rendaiji Temple was opened about 1300 years ago on a mountain with a main peak of 300 meters. It has been a place for mountain ascetics since olden times. Many people visit in all seasons. Please visit a main hall to see the biggest Fudo Myoo in Japan.

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Grand Festival of Takura-ushigami-sha Shrine

Worshippers bring Bizen ceramic cows into the shrine for making wishes, and take one already offered there. If their wish come true, they return it with another one. Bizen ceramic cows are piled up high on the shrine ground. Grand festivalof Takura-ushigami-sha Shrine is held on January 5th.

Schedule:January 5th
Place of the festival:Takura-ushigami-sha Shrine

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Yamada Bee Farm (Kagamino Town)

You can enjoy studying beekeeping and equipment needed to it in Yamada Bee Farm in Kagamino town. Strawberry picking is held on January 5th. You can eat various strawberries produced organically by honeybee’s work.

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Okayama prefectureさんの写真



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