Japan; Message from Okayama. (1/27)

Thank you for visiting the blog.Okayama prefecture


Momotaro is a symbol of Okayama. Momotaro which has been passed on orally generation to generation in Okayama. You can find Momotaro in various places in Okayama. For example, there is a statue of Momotaro followed by the dog, the monkey and the pheasant at the east side of Okayama station.

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Oyster Festival in Kasaoka Bayfarm

Oyster Festival is held at Roadside Station, Kasaoka Bayfarm. You can enjoy various events. All-you-can-stuff sale of oyster is held.

time and date: January 24 (Sun.), 2016
location: Roadside Station, Kasaoka Bayfarm

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真



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