Japan; Message from Okayama. (3/13)

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Okayama prefecture

Momotaro Stamp Rally Starts!

Let’s collect series of stamps at railway stations and tourist spots in Okayama Prefecture by using JR West Rail Pass.

You can get special Momotaro goods!

Okayama Prefectural International Tourism Theme District Inbound Promotion Meeting
c/o Okayama Prefectural Government Tourism Division
2-4-6 Uchisange, Kita-ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 700-8570
Phone: +81-86-226-7383

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Sozuri Hotpot(Tsuyama city)

“This is a local speciality in Tsuyama. Sozuri meat”, the meat scraped off from cow bones, is used to create this unique Tsuyama hotpot dish.
This delicious dish includes vegetables stewed in the meat broth that is brimming with savory flavor.

Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Tamano Ontamameshi(Tamano city)

Tamano Ontamameshi won the grand prize at Local Dish National Tournament twice. It is the fried rice in hot-sweet kabayaki sauce and soft conger from Tamano city is mixed. It is very delicious with a hot spring egg entwinted. If you eat it once, you can not be able to forget.

Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Ushimado Date

A popular winter event, “Ushimado Date” is held this year too. The walking date in the beautiful evening sun in Ushimado, selected one of the best 100 sunsets in Japan.
Please come with your precious person.

time and date: February 20, 2016
place: Setouchi Tourism Center, Setouchi Kirari Hall

Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Kurashiki Nighttime Lights in Spring, 2016(Kurashiki city)

Kurashiki Bikan Area is wrapped with Japanese nighttime lights. Shadow pictures are held every day in the period. You can enjoy the production of the lights such as Japanese umbrella and candles along Kurashiki River on every Saturdays from February 27 to March 20.

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真

Let’s go to see Hina dolls!

Hina dolls are exhibited in many places, Kurashiki, Mizushima, Kojima, Tamashima, Mabi and Funao. You can wnjoy trasitional Hina dolls remains in every places, and precious hina dolls.

time and date: until March 6, 2016
location: Kurashiki, Mizushima, Kojima, Tamashima, Mabi and Funao

Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真
Okayama prefectureさんの写真



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