Japan; tourism information from Okayama!(4/26)

Welcome to Okayama, the Land of Sunshine!
Enjoy a side of Japan crafted specially for you.

Okayama prefectureさんのプロフィール写真

Greetings from the Governor of Okayama PrefectureOne of Western Japan’s transportation hubs, Okayama is very conveniently located just 1 hour from Kyoto and about 35 minutes from Hiroshima by Shinkansen.

Spring of fantasy garden ( Okayama-City )

In Korakuen Garden, one Okayama Three Great Gardens of Japan, night special opening of the park to light up at the candles and LED “Spring of fantasy garden” will be held up to April 29 to May 31. Projection mapping, sake bar, cafe and enjoy. Park free Wi-Fi is available in almost all areas.

Okayama Prefectural International Tourism Theme District Inbound Promotion Meeting

Okayama Korakuen

Korakuen 1-5, Kita-ku, Okayama City 703-8257

Okayama prefecture's photo.

Okayama prefecture's photo.
Okayama prefecture's photo.

Overview and History

One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, Okayama Korakuen is a cultural heritage site for the world to treasure

In 1687, Ikeda Tsunamasa, daimyo (feudal lord) ordered his vassal Tsuda Nagatada to begin construction of Okayama Korakuen. It was completed in 1700, and it has retained its original appearance from the Edo Period up to the present day, except for a few changes by various daimyo. Korakuen is one of the few Daimyo gardens in the provinces where historical change can be observed, thanks to the many Edo Period paintings and Ikeda Family records and documents left behind.

The garden was used as a place for entertaining important guests and also as a retreat for daimyo, although regular folk could also visit on certain days. In 1884, ownership was transferred to Okayama Prefecture and the garden was opened to the public. The garden suffered severe damage during the floods of 1934 and during World War II bombing in 1945, but has been restored based on Edo Period paintings and diagrams. In 1952, Korakuen Garden was designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty under the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties, and is managed as a historical cultural asset to be passed to future generations.



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