Welcome to Okayama Japan, the Land of Sunshine!(9/19)

Inbe – Village of Bizen Pottery (Bizen City)

“Bizen Pottery”, one of Japanese traditional pottery having the long history still have been made in Inbe town. “Bizen Pottery Festival” will be held on October 15 (Sat.) and 16 (Sun.), and visitors can buy Bizen Pottery for discounted price (20% OFF) as well as see their manufacturing process there.

Okayama prefecture's photo.
Okayama prefecture's photo.
Okayama prefecture's photo.

Iyama Hofuku-ji Temple (Autumn Leaves, Zen meditation)(Soja City)

Iyama Hofuku-ji Temple is the temple where the famous priest and painter Sesshu who was active in around 15 to 16 centuries trained himself when he was young. One legend is famous that Sesshu drew the picture of the mouse on the temple’s floor by his toes using his tears. The autumn leaves are excellent, and you can experience Zen meditation without reservation in the morning on the second Sunday every month.

Okayama prefecture's photo.
Okayama prefecture's photo.
Okayama prefecture's photo.

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle (Un-kai)(Takahashi City)

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is only mountain castle (castle built near the top of mountain) where still has castle tower in Japan. Un-kai (sea of clouds) often appears in the early mornings of fall and winter. Bitchu Matsuyama Castle you can view from Un-kai observation deck looks like “Castle in the sky”. It is very fantastic and beautiful.

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Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art(Nagi Town)

Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art is the museum one of the world famous architect Mr. Arata Isozaki designed. Visitors can appreciate huge work group of international artists. The art museum is constructed in three exhibition rooms, and each appearance expresses a sun, a moon, and an earth. They are very original.

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