Welcome to Okayama Japan, the Land of Sunshine!(9/29)

Hiruzen Daisen Skyline Mountain Drive (Kimendai Observatory Rest Station)(Maniwa City)

Mountain Drive where connects between the Hiruzen-kogen Hights in Okayama and the Daisen Mountain in Tottori. Drivers can enjoy a comfortable driving in nature. Kimendai Observatory Rest Station is located at the prefectural border, where is the superb view spot that visitors can look at both the mountain range of the Hiruzen-sanza and the Daisen Mountain. The autumn leaves are beautiful too.

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Grapes Direct-Sales at Grape Love Land (Ibara City)

Okayama has been referred to as Fruits Kingdam. Now is the harvest season for grapes such as Muscat Grapes, Pione Grapes! Ibara city is famous for the production center of grapes in the western part of Japan. Grape Love Land in Ibara city offers to sell some grapes grown up carefully, grape juice, grape jam, grape snack etc.

Okayama prefecture's photo.
Okayama prefecture's photo.
Okayama prefecture's photo.

Enjoy Sightseeing without Baggage!”Neko-no-te Baggage Station”

Baggage Room next to Shinkansen (Japanese high-speed rail) wicket of JR Okayama station. If visitors leave baggage by from 8:00 to 13:30, the service provider delivers them to the designated accommodation in Okayama or Kurashiki city by around 17:00 on the day. It is convenient for visitors to enjoy sightseeing without heavy baggage. Some languages are available for displaying the guide, including English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

Okayama prefecture's photo.
Okayama prefecture's photo.



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