Welcome to Okayama Japan, the Land of Sunshine!(12/16)

Yubara Onsen Hot Spring (Maniwa City)

Yubara Onsen Hot Spring is one of the best hot spring place in Okayama. “Sunayu” is the mixed outdoor bath that opens 24 hours a day for free located under a dam.
“Yuzuyu (Japanese Citron Bath)” is offered on December 21 (Wed.).
“Christmas Candle” event will be held from December 23 (Fri.) to 25 (Sun.)

420-2 Katsuyama, Maniwa-city, Okayama Prefecture 717-0013
TEL: 0867-45-7111

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Kibitsu-jinja Shrine(Okayama City)

Honden (Main Hall) and Haiden (Worship Hall) are designated as national treasure. About 400 meters length corridor is a famous photo spot! Peach-shaped romance amulets known as “Momomamori” are popular as souvenirs. Kibitsu-jinja Shrine is crowded with tens of thousands of New Year’s visitors to shrines for a few days from January 1 every year.

3-1-15 Kosei-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama City, 700-0985
Okayama Tourism Convention Association
TEL: 086-227-0015


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Strawberry Picking

Okayama is known as Fruits Kingdom, and Okayama Strawberry is in the season from December to May. The charm of strawberry picking is that you can compare and eat a fresh variety of strawberries. All you can eat in the limited time is provided (Reservation required). You can also buy souvenirs.

〒 719-1164 Ozayama-shi Sozya City Nisi-gun 411-1
TEL: 0866-94-6755


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