Welcome to Okayama Japan, the Land of Sunshine!(12/28)

Saidai-ji Eyou(Okayama City)

Saidai-ji Eyou is said to be one of Japan’s three major eccentric festivals, and it has been famous for “Men Semi-Naked Festival” having about 500 years history. Once a year, approximately ten thousand men wearing Fundoshi (Japanese traditional loincloth) will compete in a race to get “Shingi (sacred wooden talisman)”. It is said that those who got the “Shingi” promise the happiness of that year. This will be held on February 18 (Sat.), 2017.

Address: 〒700-0825 Okayama Prefecture, Okayama, Kita Ward, Tamachi, 1−3−1,

Phone: 086-233-1802


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JR West Rail Pass (Kansai WIDE Area Pass)

From the Keihanshin area to Okayama prefecture, you can travel around by only 8,500 JPY or 9,000 JPY! Welcome to Okayama, Kurashiki, Tsuyama!
*8,500 JPY if you purchase the Pass before your visit to Japan.
*9,000 JPY if you purchase the Pass after your visit to Japan.

If you have this pass, JR Okayama station / Kurashiki station at station Rin kun.You can use the rental cycle at no additional charge!
Eki Rent-A-Car Okayama office :
Exit East exit of JR Okayama station and turn right 120 meters
Eki Rent-A-Car Kurashiki office :
Exit South exit of JR Kurashiki station and turn right 50 meters
*Okayama office will be closed from December 30, 2016 (Fri.) to January 3, 2017 (Tue.).

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Manekineko Art Museum(Okayama City)

Manekineko Art Museum is the first Japanese museum related to manekineko (lucky cats). It hasa been said that manekineko calls for happiness from ancient times. You can see the exhibit of about 700 manekineko from all over Japan as well as experience the painting. The New Year is crowded with people who wish for happiness for one year, and the cute manekineko are also popular as souvenirs.

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