(1/15)Welcome to Okayama Japan, the Land of Sunshine!

From Japan to the world’s Tomodachi!

Renting Denim Kimono(Kurashiki City)

In “Kurashiki Kimono Komachi” near Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter area, you can rent a favorite kimono and enjoy walking about the town. You can choose various patterns such as denim kimono that is unique to Kurashiki city known as the birthplace of domestic jeans, and it is perfect for walking around the tasteful streets of the town.


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Yubeshi(Takahashi City & Yakage Town)

Yubeshi is a Japanese traditional rice cake sweets made with local citron. There are various types of Yubeshi, such as thin plate-shaped, shape that connects rod-shaped and string-shaped praying for a good marriage. You can enjoy the chewy texture and the flavorful citrus scent, and Yubeshi is good for souvenirs too.


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All contacts:
Okayama Tourism Federation
Telephone; 086-233-1802



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