(2/04)Welcome to Okayama Japan, the Land of Sunshine!

From Japan to the world’s Tomodachi!

Visiting Kurashiki Dolls (Kurashiki City)

From February 25 (Sat) to March 12 (Sun), dolls are displayed at shopping districts in front of JR Kurashiki station as well as at shops and accomodation facilities in Kurashiki city including Mizushima, Kojima, Tamashima, Funao etc. Let’s enjoy the sightseeing and gourmet while watching traditional dolls and unique dolls in each places!

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OKAYAMA Summary Information in February

“Lawn Grass Burning at Okayama Korakuen Garden” “Setsubun bean-throwing ceremony” “The 25th Ombara-kogen Hyoumon Festival” “Saidai-ji Eyou” “Pine Straw Burning at Okayama Korakuen Garden” “Visiting Jinya-machi Ashimori Townscape & Dolls” etc.

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Tamano Ontamameshi(Tamano City)

Tamano Ontamameshi is the local gourmet in Tamano city, which is a fried rice that fry rice containing well-known conger-eel basted with a salty-sweet sauce. The smell of its source makes you hungry, and it is very delicious eating with soft-boiled egg!


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All contacts:
Okayama Tourism Federation
Telephone; 086-233-1802




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