(2/09)Welcome to Okayama Japan, the Land of Sunshine!

From Japan to the world’s Tomodachi!

Fruit Parfait

Why don’t you eat Fruit Parfait topping the delicious fruits made in Okayama known as Fruits Kingdom? Hotel, Café, and Restaurants serve them. The parfait topping the seasonal strawberry is recommended in winter.


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Saidai-ji Eyou (Okayama City)

Saidai-ji Eyou is said to be one of Japan’s three major eccentric festivals, and it has been famous for “Men Semi-Naked Festival” having about 500 years history. Once a year, approximately ten thousand men wearing Fundoshi (Japanese traditional loincloth) will compete in a race to get “Shingi (sacred wooden talisman)”. It is said that those who got the “Shingi” promise the happiness of that year. This will be held on February 18 (Sat), 2017.


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Kurashiki Haruyoi Akari 2017(Kurashiki City)

Kurashiki Haruyoi Akari 2017 arranges Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter area with illuminations using candles etc. Japanese umbrellas, candles etc. adorn the riverside of the Kurashiki River from 18:00 to 21:00 every Saturday between February 25th and March 19th. A gentle light illuminates the historical townscape of white walls, and you can enjoy fantastic scenery.


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All contacts:
Okayama Tourism Federation
Telephone; 086-233-1802



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