Traditional Japanese culture “Seijin no Hi” or “Coming of Age Day”.


In Japan the coming of age ceremony is a ritual to celebrate the new adults.

The age of becoming an adult in Japan is 20.

On the second Monday in January, each area in Japan will welcome the new adults with a coming of age ceremony.

The ones that stand out at the coming of age ceremony are not the boys, but the girls in their furisode.

Image result for 成人式の写真集
Image result for 成人式の写真集
While it is nice that we don’t have to wear kimono all the time nowadays, that also means that when we do wear one we get very tired. Many layers are worn, and the obi (belt) is tied very tightly.
The furisode worn by girls at the coming of age ceremony can later be worn at someone’s wedding.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this special day in your country. The ladies are beautiful in their kimonos. The colors and patterns so pretty.

  2. Hi Ryoma,
    What a joy to meet you online.
    Glad that I found you on this great ocean.
    Glad to know more about this Japanese New Year and this wonderful celebration of coming of age. It is really interesting and informative.
    Will check more in the coming days.
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

    • Good evening.
      Japan time 8: 00 o’clock Japan’s current season is very cold.
      Still, many tourists from the world visit for Sue.
      The above “Coming – of – Age Day” is a Japanese ceremony every year.
      Especially the female “Japanese clothes / kimono” is wonderful.
      A woman from a foreign country is equipped with a dedicated studio.
      Please come to Japan by all means.
      Japan is full of excitement.


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