(09/18/2018)Welcome to Okayama Japan, the Land of Sunshine!!

Bizen Pottery Festival

                              Bizen City

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This event is held where certified Japan Heritage Bizen Pottery is produced. Visitors are offered Bizen pottery created by local artists at a 20% discount, and the chance to try their hand at making pottery using a potter’s wheel.

With a history that stretches back one millennium, Bizen pottery is one of the most famous types of pottery in Japan. Taking advantage of the inherent warmth of the soil, Bizen pottery is free of ornate coloring or painting, and is fired in climbing kilns.
The Bizen pottery festival is held on Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21. Festival goers love the wide variety of Bizen pottery available at bargain prices.

Basic information

The 3rd weekend of the month
Saturday: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 4:30pm
Imbe (Bizen Pottery Village)

Contact address


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